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Z scale Models




TR5 "cow & calf" - Z scale

Hand made models in edched nickel silver and brass





The TR5 "Cow & Calf" in Z scale


Each engine is powered by a 5 poles coreless 8 mm motor with a 2 stage reducer. Mecanic with ball bearings. Reduction ratio : 50:1

The axles "2" and "3" are powered. The axles 1 & 4 are on pony trucks. Weight : 28 grammes.

The model comes with body mounted "GH" couplers (compatible with MTL couplers). It also features LED direction-controlled lighting.

They are available for DC power OR for DCC (with two Z2 decoder ).

Minimum radius recommended : 195 mm


NEW : can be built with only the "Cow" engine powered.




Union Pacific TR5



ZA401 : Union Pacific number 1874 / 1874B - without dynamic brake - "UP logo "

TR5 Cow and Calf


TR5 Cow and Calf

ZA402 : Union Pacific number 1875 / 1875B - with dynamic brake - "Road of the Streamliners / Serves all the West "

ZA403 : Union Pacific number 1877 / 1877B - with dynamic brake - "Road of the Streamliners / Serves all the West "

TR5 Cow and Calf

Video : The TR5 in action



TR5 Cow and Calf





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