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Caboose "PRR" N6b wood side

Hand made models in edched nickel silver and brass. Metal wheels.  

The N6's were rebuilt from 4 wheel wood under frame classes, starting around 1914. The cupola placement varied because some rebuilds extended the body on only one end (leaving the cupola near the other end), whereas others extended both ends, leaving the cupola in the middle. N6a had wide style cupolas and N6b had narrow type cupolas with sloping sides (tunnel clearance for Panhandle division's 10 tunnels on Pittsburgh to Columbus route). Between 1914 and 1923 some 1100 N6 cars were rebuilt. They remained in service through the late 50's.


#ZB130 : Caboose N6b


N6 cabin car


N6 cabin car


ZB131 : Pennsylvania 980016 (Eastern Region)

ZB132 : Pennsylvania 980122 (Phila. Region)

ZB133 : Pennsylvania 981736 (Northwestern Region)



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